How To Handle A House Lockout Situation

Finding yourself in a house lockout situation can be daunting. Whether you lock yourself out by accident or your key breaks inside the lock, you may not be able to address this issue without professional help. Here are a few things you can do.

First of all, check to see whether you’ve left one of the windows open. If so, you may be able to get inside the house by asking a neighbor to lend you a ladder and a helping hand. If your house has more than one door, check out all other doors to see if they are unlocked.

house lockout

Call your roommates or your family members. If you don’t have your phone with you, ask one of your neighbors to let you use theirs. If you live in a rental home, call your landlord. He or she might have a spare key, so you won’t need to reach out to a locksmith to let you inside your house.

If you have access to a screwdriver and you see screws on your doorknob, you can try to remove the doorknob or the plate. Most probably you won’t see any screws, as modern locks have security features that make them impossible to access by removing a few screws.

Some specific types of lock will easily unlock with the help of a plastic card. You can try this out to see if it works. Even better, try it out before a house lockout, just to ensure that you can rely on this method, should you ever need to make use of it.

Last but not least, call a professional locksmith. If you don’t know any, ask someone to help you find a reliable locksmith company near you and contact them to ask for help. For instance, if you’re in Madrid and you’ve just locked yourself out of the house, you can contact right away to ask for an experienced locksmith to rescue you.

Once you sort out your problem, ensure it won’t happen again. If you can afford it, you can install a key less lock system. If not, make sure you save the number of a reliable locksmith in your phone, handle one of your neighbors a spare key to your door, or hide a key somewhere on your property. The best thing to do, though, is to make a habit out of ensuring you have your keys with you when you leave home.

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