What Influences Locksmith Prices?

The services of a locksmith are most critical when you have locked yourself out of your car or home, and when you need a new key. While keys are relatively inexpensive, an emergency locksmith service can cost significantly more. The locksmith prices for services rendered will depend on several things including:

  • The Time Of Day

You will generally pay less if you call on the services of a locksmith during regular working hours. However, if you call a locksmith to provide emergency services at odd hours, you can expect to pay more. If it very late in the night or very early in the morning, the price of the locksmith service can rise significantly.


Obviously, you cannot determine when you will lose your keys. However, if you require a locksmith for non-emergency tasks including making spare keys, you should contact the locksmith during working hours.

  • The Need For Sophisticated Equipment

If your job requires the use of sophisticated machinery you can expect to pay more. When you hire a locksmith, you do not just pay for labor since you will also be paying for new equipment in some cases. The need for sophisticated equipment arises when you need locks with advanced security measures installed in your home or office or when you have lost keys to such advanced security locks.

  • The Time Required For Completing The Job

In some cases, locksmiths may consider the time required to complete the job when quoting prices. If a job is projected to take longer, the locksmith might have to charge you more. The time required for completing the job may also be due to the complexity of the job.

  • The Complexity Of The Job

Simple tasks will typically not cost as much as more complicated jobs. However, some jobs might not be as simple as you may imagine. If you have locked yourself out of your home and have called in a locksmith to help you gain access you might be surprised by what the charges will be. You might be billed for breaking into your home, uninstalling the lock, and installation of a new lock. Key duplication might seem like a simple task but can range from simple to highly complex.

  • The Client’s Location

If you take your keys to the locksmith to have duplicate keys made for you, it won’t cost more. However, it is a completely different matter if you need the locksmith to come to your location. In some cases, locksmiths have a minimum fee for their mobile services and will have extra charges depending on your location. If you are very far away from the locksmith, you can generally expect to pay more. Similarly, if the traffic in your area is bad and it takes long for the locksmith to reach there, you can expect to pay more too.

  • Final Thoughts

It is good to understand why locksmith prices vary even if for the same service. A locksmith might be compelled to have different prices for the same service due to the 5 factors discussed in this article. So, don’t be surprised if the same locksmith bills you differently to what he billed your friend for the same service.

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